Progress – Week 5

I have narrowed down the products to be redesigned to 3, Goldfish crackers, Jif peanut butter, and Tastykake pies.

Below is a list of ideas/questions I have for each product.


  • Incorporate sustainable ideas; reduce waste with packaging
  • New look – feel fresh
  • Focus more on “Made with real cheese”
  • Include facts on being a healthy alternative snack – if gluten free, fat free, etc.
  • Keep using current mascot “Finn”
  • Possibly use a pond theme; fish shape; fish snack tin can shape
  • Change container shape to triangle; shape of cheese wedge
  • Create new logo for Pepperidge Farm and Goldfish
  • Possible new color scheme


  • Change logo to be more modern to stand out on the shelve; grab more attention
  • Create more sustainable packaging
  • Make “Creamy” and “Peanut Butter” more prominent
  • Incorporate iconic 3 Jif colors into design
  • Possible include a peanut in the design
  • Different shaped container?
  • Continue to use the variation of colors for flavors/type


  • Possibly change the shape of pies to be round or pie slice triangle
  • Remove clear plastic that reveals pie; does not look appetizing
  • Show a delicious image of the pie or ingredients to convey that it is fresh
  • Redesign logo to be more modern, homey to seem like a home made baked good
  • Shape box in square/rectangle to look like oven; pie is in an aluminum recyclable try – mimic pulling a fresh pie out of the oven

Also, I have created a Pinterest board to serve as a mood board/inspiration for this project. Check it out below.
Follow Juss’s board Packaging on Pinterest.

One thought on “Progress – Week 5

  1. Juss, your Pinterest site is great. It inspires me to create a mood board… something that just didn’t occur to me. I like that you are taking a sustainable approach to all the packaging. And Tastykake, especially, is certainly in desperate need of an update.


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