Progress & Data Vis – Week 6

I split this week up between the 2 projects.

Data Vis

I have refined the design of the data vis dart board with some feedback I’ve received so far from Professor Meloney. I am still unsure of the color usage. I am going back and forth whether or not it is relevant. (Initially, I thought that the colors could represent a good or bad even. However, I am starting to think that it may be better to allow the viewer to interpret it themselves.) I had a thought about possibly leaving the cork exposed to represent nature in that life naturally takes its course through these types of events. I also added icons to make the life events stand out a little more. I even ventured to Home Depot and picked up a sheet of cork sub-flooring so that I will be ready one the design is finalized.
Original Sketch – Ai Mock
Sketch1 DartBoard_ObjectsText

I wonder how this ad would go over today???

Drinking App

I did a lot of research on app names this week. Unfortunate, I ended up with a notebook sheet filled with app names that were already taken and relate to the subject matter. In the end, I was able to find one that is not taken and I think will really fit into the project. “Sober Sidekick”  (Thanks to Scotty) I really think this name fits well into the idea that this app could help to show people safe drinking habits and also possibly even save lives. It also presents the idea that the user always has ‘someone’ with them that is sober and can help. Their sidekick. I started sketching a few ideas for this name. I would like to take the direction of a superhero type logo mashed with a craft beer company look. I feel as if this type of design will really appeal to the target audience.


I have also started thinking about questions to put into a survey and the types of people I would like to distribute them to. I have two people in mind that I would particularly like to talk to, Brian D., who was my counselor for my DUI and Jen U., a Psychology graduate student at Immaculate who is currently studying addiction. She just attended an AA meeting as part of her research. I would like to create a survey to send out to freshman college students and high schoolers as well. I think a separate 1 targeted toward parents would also be a good move. I am currently in the process of developing a draft of questions for these.

Below you can find an updated Gantt Chart that is being used to organize life.

Also don’t forget to check out my Pinterest board for logo inspirations, color schemes and layout ideas.

2 thoughts on “Progress & Data Vis – Week 6

  1. Juss, I love the data vis! The color scheme is unexpected and vibrant. The icons add a human element to it (and are so fun to look at!) Am I to assume the numbers correspond with the age that you experienced that particular event? So smart!!!

    As for the colors, you courageously “veered away” from the obvious (ex: red=bad, etc.) That’s what makes this design even more interesting and unpredictable.

    Liked by 1 person

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