Progress & Data Vis – Week 7

Data Vis

I spent a good bit of time this week focusing on Data Vis. I cut down my cork sub-floor and messed around with the Plexiglas. This helped me to devised a plan to execute the mechanics of the project now that I am more familiar with the materials. Unfortunately, I will not have enough time to get into the print lab so screen printing will not be an option. I have diverted to using inks. I started testing how they will look on the cork and the results have been great!!! The last piece to this puzzle is the wooden darts and I think I know a guy for that.


(Picture looks terrible compared to the real colors)

Drinking App

For our main project, I revisited the naming of the app. There are a few that stand out as potential. I hope to add a few more before class as well. I’ve also complied some possible questions for the survey. And of course I’ve been Pinning


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