Progress – Week 7

I would like for the overall look of the logo and product line to fall in the tiny crack between contemporary and vintage. I think this can be successfully completed by using color and typography for the packaging. As for the logo, I have having some trouble developing the PERFECT design.

This week I spent a bunch of time focusing on the colors to be used on the packaging for each product. Initially I wanted a color to be assigned to each flavor. However, I learned that it’s just not possible. Tastykake’s line is too vast with flavors that are slightly different (ex – Apple pie and French Apple pie). I scrapped that idea and moved forward with assigning a color to almost every type of product except for the pies. I was debating whether or not to continue with the flavor specific coloration with this product because it is one of the only products that are displayed in the same packaging at convenience store and a grocery store. However, I’m not sure if I’m sold on that idea or not yet. I love the color assignment to the different products. Check out the below Excel doc for color choices. Some of these I’m really excited about others I think may need tweeking.


As for logo development, I really lost steam after speaking with Jeff about the project. But I’m hoping we may find a solution to the problems that have arisen and power forward. I was able to find some more fonts that I think could work well for the concept developed. I found a bunch of pieces to draw inspiration from and Pinned the crap out of them! Unfortunately, I have not yet put pencil to sketch book for my newly found ideas. However, I’ve got 15 minutes of lunch break to go and 1 package of Koffee Kakes left at home for tonight’s sketching session. WOOT!!!!!

(UPDATE: 10:30pm)

I got a couple sketchy finished. I’m much happier with these and the direction compared to last week.


Check out my Pinterest board for logo inspiration, font choices and an AWESOME Krimpet shaped computer mouse. (I know you want one too!!!)

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