Progress & Data Vis – Week 8

Data Vis

DartProgressImgMy Data Vis project is more than likely not going to be 100% complete for Friday. [Insert super sad face] I am still working on the plexi portion of the project and ironing out some last minute details. To the left, I have posted an updated img of the board as it stands at this moment. I intend to add at least the numbers tomorrow. After spending some time with a few members of a dart team on Saturday, I learned a lot of terminology of the dart world. [Even got 4 wooden darts to use for the project for my favorite price of free99] This helped me with a naming exercise. The name has been narrowed down to ‘One Shot at Life’. This plays well into the concept behind the piece. I have added this to the mock of the board along with a key. (See mocks below) Although, I am still trying to pick a font for the title as well. The 2 below are the ones I am leaning towards. One of the big questions at this time is for the placement of the type that describes the event. Originally it was placed under the icons. It has since moved it up above the icons. I am not sure which is better. (See mocks below also)


Drinking App

Unfortunately, I was not able to make as much progress with this project this week as I would have liked to. However, I was able to pull the top 5 names from the naming exercise.

Party Pal    Pub Partner     Ducking Drunk     Drinkwiser     Brew Bud

I was also able to review a link sent to me by a friend who is a psychology grad student studying addiction. It is survey results  from Penn State about student drinking in 2011. It lead me to find a new document for 2015. PennState_181DrinkingReport This contains a lot of hard facts and numbers that I will be able to use. However, I still think that it would be a good idea to survey people on what they would want to get out of an app like the one that is proposed. I was able to narrow my questions down to the following 10:

What is your age?
What days of the week do you typically drink?
How many drinks do you consume in a week? A night?
How often do you drive after drinking?
Did you ever unexpectedly drink too much?
Do you always have a safe way home?
Have you ever gotten into trouble with the law due to alcohol?
Would you use an app that offers tips on safe drinking habits, help to track your drinks, sobriety tests/games, and safe alternatives of transportation options?
Is there any specific function(s) that you would like this app to do?
Would you recommend an app like this to any of your friends?

Oh and I pinned stuff because… well that’s my favorite part of these projects!!! Check it out…Pinterest Board

2 thoughts on “Progress & Data Vis – Week 8

  1. Love the cork board!!! I’d consider “One Shot at Life” in one line… maybe hugging the circle? It’ll feel continuous to your circle of life (was the double metaphor intended? Kudos!) I like that the title is off-kilter… not the obvious “at the top of the page” position.


  2. Looks great so far! For the words describing each event, I really like it at the top of the block like you have it in the second example. It just breaks it up nicely. And I think the name Drinkwiser is so cute! Not sure if it’d be okay with Bud-wiser, but probably, right? I just think it’s adorable.


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