Progress – Week 9

I played around with possible logo color combos this week. I’m leading toward the brown and the agua-ish color. I may try something combining the too. The dark blue is nice, but I feel like it’s too close to their current color palette and it kind of reminds me of York peppermint patty.


I was able to get my pie die built.


Also, I sketched a few ideas for package design. I plan to include a few more tomorrow and add color tomorrow night.

Below is a draft of questions to ask people when presenting the new design.

  • What is your favorite snack pastry company?
  • Do you typically purchase Tastykake products? From where (grocery or convenience store?)
  • What do you think of the new logo?
  • What are your thoughts on the new packaging?
  • Would this make you want to buy it?
  • Do you like the old style better?

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