Development – Week 9

Now that Data Vis is finally finished and out of the way, I can really get back into this project. I did some research on trademarks with the help of Prof Bosler on ‘Drink Wiser’ and I feel better about the name at this point. I worked on some logo development over the past week. The color palette is close to where I want it to be. I’m not convinced on the typography quite yet.


I also received some more info back on sending out surveys this week. I found out that it take 3 weeks for a survey to be sent out through the University. I’m not sure that the timeline will work for this project. But I did create a Google Survey, which after review I would like to at least get out on social media and harass my friends and possibly some of their friends to take it. I tried to make it fun so that people wouldn’t hate their lives so much while taking it.

Google Form – Drinking App

I took some time to update my timeline as well.

Pinterest Board

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