Development – Week 10

I spent a lot of time outlining my app this week. I’ve downloaded a few apps that do similar things to see how they function and the layout of the interface. Below is also my working outline.


I was hoping to be farther with my logo development but I realize I spent a good chunk of time on the outline (and pinning.. opp!) I plan to dedicate tomorrow lunch break and night to logo development so look out for an updated post.

Pinning was also a big time suck this week. I’ve been focusing more on finding interface design aspects (mostly menu and button design) for my app. So check that out!!!! Pinterest

Posting my survey on social went surprisingly well! I’ve received 40 responses so far, which is much more that I was expecting. A lot of people shared it with their friends which I was not expecting but very thankful for. I would like to post it again this Friday to see if I can get some more responses. TAKE MY SURVEY


Here is my logo development. I think it’s come a long way from last week. I feel like I’m getting close to the final wiht some more tweeking.


2 thoughts on “Development – Week 10

  1. Juss, as always, I have such fun reviewing your blog updates. Lots to cover here! Firstly, fantastic job on the survey. Your questions were all on target… and funny too. That kept it light, and hence I was eager to partake.

    I really like your “DrinkWiser” logo on the bottom left corner. The simple font is contemporary (i.e. young) and since its a smart phone app, I’m thinking the logo needs to be simple so it reduces well. I also really like the one-line logo with the beer mug in the middle. Would that look ok on the smart phone? Not sure. However, you could make a one-line version as part of responsive design?


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