Development – Week 11

For this week I was able to close to finalizing the logo design.


I was also really frustrated this week due to the start of the design of the app itself. Since I’ve never done this before I did a bunch of reading before getting started. I was able to come up with a few design ideas for the main menu screen. I have sketches of a few of the other screens that would come off this 1 but want to get my style down before bringing those to the computer.

App_Menu-01 App_Menu2-01 App_Menu3-01 App_Menu4-01 App_Menu5-01

And did I mention.. my survey is on FIRE!!!! 73 responses at this moment. I’m so excited and appreciative of the the participation. I’ve also received several messages and comments on friend’s shares about the excitement at the idea. Helloooo confidence booster.. now to not make it suck!

One thought on “Development – Week 11

  1. These are great!!! Hard to choose one direction, they’re all successful in their own way. Looking forward to discussing in class tomorrow.


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