Progress – Week 11

This week I finalized the look of the 2 different styles of logos.


After working on a couple of designs for the pie packaging this week I think I have a better feeling as to which 1 will be a better fit. I also have another design in progress with a full image but it’s not working… at all. I’d like to mess with it some more tomorrow.

PiePack1-01 PiePack2-01 PiePack3-01

Last week the questions to go over during the reveal/free sample session were finalized as well.

  • What do you think of the new design?
  • Does the change make you want to buy it? Why?
  • Does the redesign make you view Tastykake or the product differently?
  • What are a couple adjective that describe how the it makes you feel?
    ex – fresh, delicious, home-baked, mass produced, etc.
  • Does the product redesign effect your view on the product of the brand?

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