Development – Week 12

This week I experimented more with color and text on the menu screen. I was able to see these on screen via the Skala app (Thanks Eric!) and both versions are legible.

App_Menu3REVISED-01 App_Menu3REVISED2-01 App_MenuREVISED-01

I also worked on the opening splash screen. I’m not sure if the type is big enough. The concept would be that the bubbles would move up from the bottom of the screen as the app loads.


I did a little experimenting with the app icon as well. I’m not sure about this yet though.

App_Icon-01 App_IconPHONE-01

I also began working on the BAC Calculator screen as well. However, I am struggling a bit with it.

Finally, I pulled the results from my survey this week. I was able to get a total of 73 respondents. Check out the results.

Safe Drinking App – Google Forms
Safe Drinking App (Responses)

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