Development – Week 13

I spent the week experimenting with the color for the app icon. This would also change the color or the splash screen as well. I can’t decide which stands out better.

I also eliminated the colored icons in 1 of the menu options. However, after having a discussion with Prof Miller, this screen may disappear. He made a great point that best practice is to bring users to the first “content” page rather than to a nav menu. With this in mind, I am torn between which aspect of the app should be the first content page.

With that being said, I some work on what the BAC calc could look like. I plan to work on the Drink Tracker next. I’m thinking that 1 of these 2 pages would be best suited for the first content page but again I am not sure.


Below are also a few other screens that I have mocked up. (Splash, sample notification, and app store)


I also hit a slight snag in something I wanted to do for my presentation, but I may have found an alternative that could work.

One thought on “Development – Week 13

  1. A lot of great stuff here Juss. As for the color behind your icon (first item on the blog), I’m drawn most to the top two: dark gray or bright blue. For the rest of your design issues… I’m as torn as you are. Sorry! But your options are all working so well. Time to take a vote in class on Friday. (or post to FB? That could be fun again.)


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