Progress – Week 13

I’m feeling pretty good about my progress this week. I think I’m getting really close with the pie package. I did test out a light cream on the logo on this box. I’m not sure that it makes a different. However, the Krimpet box is giving me some problems. I’m having trouble getting the yellow to print at a good color with the craft paper. Although, I feel as if I’ve gotten the craft paper close to where it needs to be. I’m also struggling a bit with photographing the Krimpets. You can see this on the second package. The first has a cut out of an image from Tastykake’s website.

One thought on “Progress – Week 13

  1. The integration of a real product photo is great! Nice use of the mixed media. Is it required to run the nutrition box in white? If you prefer to be more subtle with that, I think you can get away with running a box with no color (or a shade that’s closer to the bkgrd paper)
    You’re not happy with the Krimpets? I thought it was looking really good there.


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