Data Vis Project Formation

Revised project idea (just a brief paragraph)

Create a website that displays answers to questions the world has been looking for in relation to the carbonated drink industry. It will begin by displaying results for soda vs pop. The user could then click on 1 of the words to be taken to another page displaying the top carbonated beverage brands displayed in bubbles. Users could click on the bubbles to see tweets about the beverage. (Note: this is dreaming big… Very big. I may only be able to complete 1 of the pages in the time frame.)

Where you will get the data

The data will somehow come from Twitter.
So far the 2 results that have been found that offer access to the type of data I want are Sifter and Gnip. Both of which charge a substantial amount for the data. (I have reached out to both with the “I’m a poor graduate student please give me data for free” bit with no response.)
I’ve read a lot of people’s forum posts about attempting to collect Twitter data. They all point to these 2 websites or Twitter for the free option.
If all else fails, I can use the Twitter API to collect data.

I also found these sites very helpful (THANK YOU ERIC!!!!)

Also if alllllll fails. I could ‘borrow’ some data from this page.

How you will access the data (specifically will the data be “live” tied to an API, or will you capture the data into a file and use that)

Data will be captured and stored in a file.

How you will visualize the data

Data will be visualized in bubbles using Charts js

The final form of the data (physical, website, interactive thing)

The final form will be a website

What software, hardware, libraries, websites, etc you plan to use

A computer.
Brackets or Dreamweaver.
Charts js
Hopefully or If not then for data
Youtube for instructional videos (aka HELP!!!).
If all else fails… the

What do you need to learn to make it happen

Everything listed above…
Minus Excel, the YouTubes and Weebly.

Timeline between this moment and October 14th at 12pm

Week of Sept 18: Finalize how to fetch data; Initial page layout; Start page graphics
Week of Sept 25: Page graphics; Start coding site;
Week of Oct 2: Page graphics; Code website; Link data to code;
Week of Oct 14: Finalize; Pray everything works

A sketch (hand or computer) of the proposed project. So either a screen from the site, a sketch of the physical thing, a wireframe of the interface, etc


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