Data Vis Progress – Week 4


Above is a super basic layout of what I would like for the page to sort of look like. (I would like the colors to be more cohesive I think.) I may also add some soda bottles and such to the bottom of the background to spice it up a bit.

I would like to display location by state across the bottom and month highest amount occurred up the side.

This size of the bubble in the chart would denote amount (Hover would provide actual number).

So a user would be able to see that Texas has the most tweets about Pepsi. It occurred in the month of June. Where as Rhode Island got jack up on Mountain Dew the most in April. (Example)

I would also like for users to be able to click on a brand in the key and be able to see where each state fell.

If I have extra time (aka if I get this all figured out and moving at the speed of light) I would like to add another portion that would do something similar only featuring the terms soda vs pop. I feel that starting with the brands will be a little more interesting.

I also opened Dreamwear this week to try to re-familiarize myself with it. Oh my.

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