Data Vis Progress – Week 5

At the end of last week, with massive help from Prof Miller, we determined that the best way to retrieve the Twitter data would be to use Tweepy to data mine.
Helpful links for this process:

Both of the original origins for obtaining the data are too expensive even after reaching out and begging for free or discounted data because I’m a poor grad student. (See below) and

This week I also began to code my website… without using Weebly. The site is going to have very minimal functionality due to my somewhat limited skill set. I’m very excited to build my first non-drag and drop website builder page. I was able to get my ‘logo’, background, text (featuring a Google font… I’m a wild animal!!!!!) and a dumby version of Charts.js into the page.


Unfortunately, Tweepy is turning out to have much more of a learning curve than expected. I’m having a lot of trouble getting the data that I want. After much frustration and cursing, I was able to figure out how to get data for a specific day. However, I can only retrieve a limited number of Tweets at a time. Waiting for your API access to refresh is like watching paint dry… life lesson.

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