Project #2 (3 Ideas) – Week 7

Idea #1

3D Printed Gentleman’s Press

In this idea, I would use a 3D printer to make parts to construct a gentleman’s press (small letterpress, usually about business card size). I would construct it so that tradition lead and wood type would be able to be used in it. The only part that I would not be able to print is the ink roller, however I can dismantle a brayer and use that. The press would be fairly simple and be more of a table top proof press rather than a platen press. I found a few examples online of presses people have built and can use some of the principles from them.

For the installation, people would be able to print their own something. Possibly have something cut specifically for the exhibit using the laser cutter.

Technology – 3D printer



Idea #2

Typeface Memory Matching Game

For this concept, I would like to create a game where people have to match typefaces similar to children’s traditional tile matching games. I would focus on selecting typefaces from particular time periods/movements/styles-ish. If it were a real thing, they would be sold by category and people could collect the different styles. The design of the cards would also be in the style of the typeface.

The tiles/cards would be cut/engraved on thin pieces of wood or really really thick paper.

Technology – Laser cutter



Idea #3

Childhood TV Show Memories

This idea is sort of my ‘pie in the sky’ concept as some people would say… I really have no clue how to make it happen. A wall would feature popular children’s tv shows. Users would tap the ones that they really like. Each time a show is tapped it gets a point and maybe makes a sound from the show. The thing would track to see what shows where people’s favorite.

Technology – Projector and other nerdy stuff I assume… I really have no idea!





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