Project #2 Letterpress – Week 8

It has been decided that I will move forward with the 3D printed mini gentleman’s style proof press as my 2nd project. I will be modeling the design off of 1 that I found in this video: 

I was thinking that the printing area would be business card sized, so like 2 in x 3.5 in. I’m thinking the width of the entire unit would be about 6 in. and maybe 8/10 in. long.

In order for the project top be considered an interactive space. The users will print something (hopefully 3D printed type/messages/graphics) and then hang them up in the space “to dry” as if they were in a traditional letterpress shop. (Example img below)


I’m working on more detailed ‘sketches’ that include sizing of the parts for the press. I’m also going to tinker around with Maya a little by class Friday. I’m hoping to nail down the 2D ‘blueprints’ this week, so next week can be devoted to printing and construction.

So fav project of the semester happening right here… just saying! Super excited! This shit better work haha!


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