Project #2 Letterpress – Week 12


I was able to get my reprinted, reconfigured tracks to print well. (See left img.) Unfortunately, they do not work either. Even with the help of people who know physics (Thank you Elham!!!) we could not get the wheels up the track.

I’m going to try to elevate the lower section so that the the angle/ramp to get to the upper section will not be as high. I’m going to print risers for the tack of the lower section and adjust and reprint the upper section track. My plan is to cut a small piece of plexi that will sit in the inking area in order to elevate that to match the track. In the long run, this will work out even better because it can be removed to clean off the extra ink.

In other news, I have been working on the letters. The typefaces for each letter have all been selected and resized. I started importing them into 123D to create the blocks. Hopefully by the end of the week I will have them finished and off to the printer.

In other more depressing news… my poor laptop has shit. I will be taking it to the doctor (aka Genius Bar) tonight for an evaluation =(
No fear!! I backed up =)


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