Project #2 Letterpress – Week 13

What an exciting week it’s been! Not only did I get fat on Turkey but I was finally able to get the ramp to work!!!!!!!!


I reconfigured the ramps and made risers then sent them to the printer and they work!!!
Check out this video on my Instagram of the newly printed pieces taped in place for testing. (Please also note that I was having a jam session in the Grad lab. Don’t judge me!)

I noticed in the tape testing that the roller bar arms are bending so I reprinted those a little thicker so that they wont break. But IT F*#$ING WORKS!!! I was able to bolt everything together and it still works. Friday is going to be the big test day!

The last part that I will have to reprint will be the feet. The ones that I had previously printed will not work now that some bolts are longer than the others, but minor details.

I have also started printing letters this week. They take forever!!! (Yes the screen says 15 hours. 5 letters and an and thing. I’m not very patient.)

My plan is to print as many letters and ornaments as I can until the gallery opening. I also plan to start cutting paper and gathering letterpress things this week for the show. I would like to display the printed type in an extra drawer that I have along side some old wooden type that also fits in the chase. (Not sure if they can be used together but we’re going to find out! How awesome!) I will also probably display a few other letterpress related items to bring the piece together with it’s elder counter parts. Maybe Sebastian will make an appearance?!?!


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