Project #2 Letterpress – Week 14

This past Friday was D-Day. I tested the press with the printed letters. It was yet again another failure. The ink seemed to be reacting weird to the plastic letters. SOOOO over the weekend I decided to try printing the 3D letters in my press home (Sebastian). They came out really cool! Not a perfect print but the texture and patterns from the 3D printer are visible in the prints which looks kinda cool.

I also posted to Briar Press (letterpress community) inquiring about other peoples experiences with 3D printed type. Check out the string here:

From the responses I received, it sounds like I’m not getting a good print because of the size of the printing area. I’m going to attempt locking up some of my smaller lead type in the Printed Press to see if it will work. Hopefully if it does, people will be able to print new letters on the old press and old letters on the new press. How fun!

With the opening this Friday… not going to lie… I’m getting nervous.

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