Project #2 Letterpress FINAL – Week 15

Its over. Its finally all over.

Last Thursday morning, aka the day before the gallery opening, I tested printing smaller lead type in the Printed Press. Luckily, it produced a decent print. Not perfect but hey Gutenberg didn’t perfect his press in 6 weeks… just sayin’!

Friday morning we set up for the opening. I was so nervous that the Printed Press wouldn’t work. Well boy was I wrong…. The printed press was printing GREAT and Sebastian not so hot. In a fast paced environment the 3D letters weren’t a good option. Since not all of the letters are printed EXACTLY the same height like the lead letters are, they need some tweeking to perfect the print. However, I thought that the opening went really well. People really seemed to like both the 3D printed letters and the printed press. This was definitely one of the most frustrating and fun projects I’ve worked on in a long time. ❤


You can find the 3D model files for the printed press here:


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