Pro – Week 6

This week I did a good bit of research on other designers branding and what a good personal brand looks like. It really helped me to make some decisions for the questions I had last week.

I’ve decided that I’m going to use my name, but not my full name-ish.
Here are some more initial logo sketches. I really think I would like it to have a hand lettered look and feel. And possibly just a J or the initials in a shape with simple type underneath featuring my full name?


I also decided that I’m going to go with for the URL. I think I can really have some fun with this in the page construction which will show off a little of my personality. EX –
Below is a sketch of what I would like my website to look like. I really like the single page layout with nested pages offering more detail.

I did a little exploring of both WIX and Square Space for web builders. I would like to move forward with Square Space. It offers a single page template that is similar to the layout I really wanted for the page. I did some editing to get a better feel for the builder and to get the page closer to my vision. Check out the screen shot below.


I also laid out a page for the project descriptions.

After going through this exercise, I realized that the photos I have of my work SUCK!!! And that I have to develop content that makes sense to people of the word for this website. I feel that I may have to change the direction of this overall project to achieve my overall goal. THOUGHTS???

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