Pro – Week 9

This week was tough getting anything done. I miss the warm-ish weather…. and the rum.

Nonetheless, I pushed forward… Not as much as I should have but thesis is taking over my life. I’m ok with that. It has to happen.

This week I set up all the pages for my website, added a few more images, and updated all of the verbiage. I also switched up the colors because I thought the dark teal-ish-whatever-you-want-to-call-it color wasn’t happy enough. I also added the ultimate happy color… yellow. I like yellow… it reminds me of rum! Just kidding!

Check out the updates.

I started setting up a Zazzle page to sell my crap too. I know that wasn’t in the plan but I’m poor and need money.

I also push forward a smidge with my logo with a few sketches but I’m not going to upload them because I want to be suspenseful. (Not really I just haven’t finished them yet. By class I promise to have them done. Hopefully!)

But I did Pin a crap load more of inspirational fonts, monograms, letters and junk. Check it out: Pinterest Board

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