Pro – Week 11

Somebody get me some butter… I’m on a roll!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week I have digital logos woot woot! (And lots of coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
I may or may not clearly have a favorite…. However, I do not hate the far left version either. I’m also beginning to think that I can have my cake and eat it too! Would it be lame to to use the full name version and also just the J sometimes (not in the circle. It’s trashy)? I don’t know. ADVICE PLEASE!

I also got my mason jar lid labels in yesterday. I am currently in search of the template so I get get to designing those.

Another fun thing… still working on adding better pictures of my work to the website. I also added Google analytics to it this week as well so I can stalk my visitors.

I other news. I started the box liner design. This unit will function like the paper thing in this video:
The recipient will be able to tear off pieces as well.

*Please note this is all place holder until the logo/ colors are established.PromoInsert-01.pngPromoInsert-02.png

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