Pro – Week 12

This week I made more updates to my website and continued logo exploration. I feel like I’m getting really close with it. I added the name under the J in several typefaces. There are a few that I like. I also played around with the lock up of the first name last name. I took … More Pro – Week 12

Pro – Week 11

Somebody get me some butter… I’m on a roll!!!!!!!!!!!! This week I have digital logos woot woot! (And lots of coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I may or may not clearly have a favorite…. However, I do not hate the far left version either. I’m also beginning to think that I can have my cake and eat it too! Would … More Pro – Week 11

Pro – Week 10

Let the indecisiveness begin!!!! I changed the aqua/blue/green/teal color back to the darker version on my website. I felt the lighter color feel too child like with the yellow. So I changed that color back but kept the yellow… To be honest I’m not even sure these will be my final colors. PICKING COLORS IS … More Pro – Week 10

Pro – Week 9

This week was tough getting anything done. I miss the warm-ish weather…. and the rum. Nonetheless, I pushed forward… Not as much as I should have but thesis is taking over my life. I’m ok with that. It has to happen. This week I set up all the pages for my website, added a few more … More Pro – Week 9

Pro – Week 8

SPRING BREAK!!!! WOOOOTTTT!!!! So obviously not a whole lot got done this week. I was able to draft up all the verbiage for my website and Pin/ScreenShot a butt load of letters as inspiration for my logo. Oh and there was lots of rum….buckets of rum!!!  

Pro – Week 7

I finally did it. I put my big girl panties on and finally bought a URL and started developing my portfolio website. Some pages are more developed than others but its on its way. Check it out! I also did some J exploration for logo type inspiration.

Pro – Week 6

This week I did a good bit of research on other designers branding and what a good personal brand looks like. It really helped me to make some decisions for the questions I had last week. I’ve decided that I’m going to use my name, but not my full name-ish. Here are some more initial … More Pro – Week 6