Progress – Week 13

I’m feeling pretty good about my progress this week. I think I’m getting really close with the pie package. I did test out a light cream on the logo on this box. I’m not sure that it makes a different. However, the Krimpet box is giving me some problems. I’m having trouble getting the yellow … More Progress – Week 13

Progress – Week 12

This week I focused on color/texture and typography on the 2 narrowed down pie packages. I’m not sure which I like better at this point but I think both designs are a dramatic change from the traditional package. At this point I also thought it best to move forward with the Krimpet package as well … More Progress – Week 12

Progress – Week 9

I played around with possible logo color combos this week. I’m leading toward the brown and the agua-ish color. I may try something combining the too. The dark blue is nice, but I feel like it’s too close to their current color palette and it kind of reminds me of York peppermint patty. I was … More Progress – Week 9

Progress – Week 8

I have something to admit… I ate an Entenmann’s Little Bite Party Cake this week. I feel TERRIBLE for fraternizing with the enemy but it was so good!!!!! Such a delicious little pastry! Now that I’ve got that off my chest… I was a little disappointed with my progress this week. I had hoped to have … More Progress – Week 8

Progress – Week 7

I would like for the overall look of the logo and product line to fall in the tiny crack between contemporary and vintage. I think this can be successfully completed by using color and typography for the packaging. As for the logo, I have having some trouble developing the PERFECT design. This week I spent … More Progress – Week 7

Progress – Week 6

I’ve spent most of this week familiarizing myself with my brand. I’m pretty sure I know the inventory of Tastykakes at all the Giants in the West Chester area better than the rep. I’ve also visited several several convenience stores and a Walmart. I have discovered that the inconsistencies of in packaging are enough to … More Progress – Week 6

Progress – Week 5

I have narrowed down the products to be redesigned to 3, Goldfish crackers, Jif peanut butter, and Tastykake pies. Below is a list of ideas/questions I have for each product. Goldfish Incorporate sustainable ideas; reduce waste with packaging New look – feel fresh Focus more on “Made with real cheese” Include facts on being a … More Progress – Week 5